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Let’s Start Something Together

Bruce Bergh

August 19, 2014

Genre: Jazz

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Let’s Start Something Together

Written by Bruce Bergh

Let’s Start Something Together
Bruce Bergh

My status may not be stellar
I may not have the bank account of Rockafeller
But I’ve got potential and that’s essential to love you.
I may not be stalked by paparazzi,
Have a sculpted body, or wear Armani
But I’m warm and gentle and consequentially love you

Nice things are fine to style a man, but, things are only things.
When it comes to dealings of the heart, Love is what I bring

I may not have a villa across the ocean
But I offer you love and devotion
Honey, take my hand and let’s start living
Baby, you are my Thanksgiving
Come with me and let’s start something together

©2011 by Rednose Record Publishing