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Bad Reputation

Richard Kirk

March 15, 2019

Genre: Country

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About This Song

From my hook book, just a little different twist on a much used theme.

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Bad Reputation

Written by Richard Kirk

Used to drive my truck with my foot down to the floor
Took curves so fast, nearly flipped it on its side
But I’ve come to my senses, I don’t do that anymore
With you around, I’m staying between the lines

You’re spoiling my BAD REPUTATION by what you’re doin’ to me
You might just find a way to end my insanity
You must have super powers, baby, don’t you see
You’re spoiling my BAD REPUTATION by what you’re doin’ to me

Used to hang out with my party crowd, we’d all stagger home
We were loud and drank tequila all night long
You’ve smoothed out my rough edges, I’m like a polished stone
I’ve cleaned up my act, now my party life is gone
There’s no doubt in my mind, I’ve stopped my wild ways
I can see myself staying with you for the rest of my days
©Ric Kirk Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved