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Have Some Faith

Dan Hartig

March 11, 2019

Genre: Folk

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About This Song

This is a political folk song about sticking together and fighting for what is right!

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Have Some Faith

Written by Dan Hartig

Come on son reach out your hand
It's time for you to take a stand
It may seem hard along the way
But you'll get what you want
By the end of the day
While I don't know you
You don't know me
There is one thing I can guarantee
You and I, we're on the same team
Because the two of us share the same dream

One, two, one two three
Within the blink of an eye
We're gonna let the world see
We're gonna make a change
Begin to rearrange
Forget about the past and turn the page
Come on boy, have some heart
People just need a brand new start
If you take a leap, you'll land on your feet
Have some faith, it's all you need

They let us feel like we have a say
But are we happy? I say nay
Let us march to the end of the line
Where the two of us are intertwined

One, two, one two three...

Sometimes I'm asking myself why
So many cry, so many die
We need a voice and not a fight
To change our views from wrong to right
Maybe soon I hope we'll say
We've made it to this hopeful day
We could be united as one
With our brothers, sisters, daughters and sons

One, two, one two three...