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It’s Ok

Tony True

November 05, 2018

Genre: Pop

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About This Song

Lyrics were written by Ron Walton and sent to me, it was written in a Neil Diamond / Barry Manilow style.

Feedback Requested

I am aware that there are lyric changes that need to occur, the story seems incomplete and or not fully developed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Verse 1
Was it okay?
For me to call you up and say 'hello',
I needed to say,
That I never really meant to hurt you so
Just say that you'll forgive me, I need one second chance,
We've shared so many heartaches, It's time we shared a dance,
Ooh! let me hear you say,
That it's okay.....!

Verse 2
Night after night,
I think of us and every tender kiss,
Maybe tonight,
You'll sit alone like me and reminisce,
I think about the good times that I let fall apart,
I said some hurtful things that looking back now break my heart,
Wish I could hear you say,
That it's okay.....!

Say it's okay, to make a brand new start again,
We'll put behind the hard times girl I know we can

Verse 3
There was a time,
We lived and loved care free like lovers should,
Your heart and mine,
I never knew that love could feel so good,
But I was young and foolish, and I drove you away,
Now here I am begging you for one more chance I pray,
I need to hear you say,
That it's okay.....!

I need to hear you say,
That we're okay.....!

Ron Walton & Tony True (Nov 4/2018)