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Rock and Roll Women - 10_18_18 Rewrite

Reid Yamamoto

October 19, 2018

Genre: Rock

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About This Song

The song is about women characters made famous in rock and roll songs.

Feedback Requested

This version is a complete rewrite based on feedback I got from Brent B., Frank R., Dori W., and my other songwriting friends. Thank you all for your time and feedback. Any and all + or -

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Rock and Roll Women - 10_18_18...

Written by Reid Yamamoto

Cruisin’ in the ‘Vette,
The night got better yet.
They’re playin’ Mustang Sally.

Feel like I’ve known her for years,
Even shared a few beers.
A great song will do that to me

Those rock and roll women,
Will live on and on.
They live forever in our favorite songs..
Those rock and roll women, never get old
They live in the riffs, the tales they told

When I first met Venus
Felt something between us.
Her beauty would set me free.

I want it, I want it,
she’s got it, she’s got it
A great song will do that to me.


Bridge - Guitar solo

Verses 5 & 6

There’s so many more,
I love and adore.
Their songs stuck in my soul.
Josie and Lola,
So nice to know ya
Your great songs did it to me.

Chorus 3X