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A Rainbow Just for Us

Walter Lamberg

October 07, 2018

Genre: Country

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About This Song

This is what I call a light-hearted country song. It is about a husband, wife, and their son. Something happens to help them put aside their daily concerns.

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A Rainbow Just for Us

Written by Walter Lamberg

Verse 1
[C] I know I promised to go over the [G] bills tonight,
But, honey, I’m guessing [D] we’ll have another fight.
[C] Put off that trip we planned, [G] oh that is tough.
Forget about trading in for that [D] brand new truck.
[am7] I swear I can’t beg or borrow or [C] steal any [D] luck.

[G] Say, look, it stopped raining.
[D] Let’s take that walk now.
[am7] Let’s hold hands. Let’s not fuss.
[G] We’ll put aside our worries for [D] just a little while.
[D] Hey, this will make you smile.
[am7] There’s a rainbow just for [D] us.
A bright blue [am7] sky and a rainbow just for [D] us.

Verse 2
I know I’m supposed to have that talk with Bobby.
His grades and his attitude ain't been real good lately.
I’ll say, there’s more to life than what your friends been saying.
Wearing ear plugs, taking calls, and all that texting.
And when did you get too old for church and praying?

Chorus Repeat

[C] Sometimes I feel I’m ten years older than I am.
[G] Sometimes I’m sure my back’s going out again.
[C] But then I think of Bobby when [G] he was our little [D] man. [C]
[am7] And I think of you and me, how good it’s [D] been.

Chorus Repeat

Tag: [C] A rainbow just for [G] us.