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The First Lady Of Tennessee

Terry Gladney

June 30, 2018

Genre: Pop

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About This Song

A tribute to a fellow Tennessean and a mega-star - Ms Dolly Parton

Vocal by Sheliah Skelton

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The First Lady Of Tennessee

Written by Terry Gladney

The First Lady of Tennessee
Lyrics by Terry Gladney
Music by Denny Gladney

She is the First Lady of Tennessee
A child prodigy born in the Smokies
Who became a world celebrity
A special lady whose name is Dolly

At age six her front porch was her stage
Tobacco stick and tin can was her microphone
Singing her songs at her Tennessee Mountain Home
With a love of music and stories to tell

At age thirteen - center stage - Grand Ole Opry
Her childhood dreams have become reality
Considered an American music icon
Her songs have captured the hearts of generations

At eighteen, she took a Greyhound to Nashville
Carrying her dreams - an old guitar and her songs
Her luggage was three paper bags from a grocery
Got a tiny apartment over the Wishy Washy

Nashville was slow to accept her as a solo
She was told her voice had a strong vibrato
Unacceptable they said for country music
But then she blew them away with Jolene

With a powerful voice that resonates
An electric smile and personality
Humble and grounded in faith and family
She has stunned the world with her ability

She is the First Lady of Tennessee
In our hearts she is royalty
There are so many that would like to say
I will always love you - Dolly Parton !