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It’s The Coming of The Time

Fly (Laurie) Williams

June 03, 2018

Genre: Pop

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About This Song

I’be been greatly influenced throughout my writing career by the lyrics and styles of Dylan and Cohen. I’ve been lucky enough to have found co-writers that compose and fit my styles. This song has been featured in an indie movie and two soap operas.

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It’s The Coming of...

Written by Fly (Laurie) Williams

It’s The Coming of The Time
© Williams and Williams

It's The Coming of The Time
Lyrics Laurie Williams (c) 2007
Williams and Williams

It's the coming of the time
and the timing of the truth
it's the rhythm not the rhyme
in a rhyme that I called youth

It's the ticking of the clock
and the beating of your heart
makes the music rock and roll
then the music lost it's soul

it's the dreams that lit your dark
when the dark stole all your light
and the lightness of your step
are but steps that lead to night

and the rags that led to riches
little match girls turned to bitches
who can glitter and out shine
their useless time
and the poor that scored it big time
turning rubbish into headlines
can they out do every slaughter
in their time?