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That Old Cat

Brian Lee Robinson

April 16, 2018

Genre: Country

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About This Song

Story about a cat I had for 13 years. She hated everyone else, but she loved my rotten ass like never before. She had gone through some of my worst year with me. When she died I completely lost it. I didn’t know I had that much emotion left in me. I get I had bottled things up for years and losing her let the damm burst. You don’t hear many songs about cats, this is one of my favorite songs.

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That old cat she ain’t too pretty now
She’s grey and losing hair
But she used to be black and shiny
And fat as a baby bear

She was there when Sandy left me
Took the baby and walked out of here
Then that old cat watched me climb in a bottle
And drink for the next ten years

I don’t know how she stood me
Hell, I forgot to feed her time and again
But that old cat stayed with me till I sobered up
She’s my old faithful friend

That old cat watched me crash and burn
The watched me rise again
Been there to help me lick my wounds
And soothe the pain within
That old cat’s paid her dues with me
Like nothing and no one else
You see that old cat she loved me when
I could not love myself

I got her when she was a kitten
She follows me just like a dog
That old cat’s pure unconditional love
To a man that almost lost it all

So I’m sorry that I got so angry Doc
When you suggested that I put her to sleep
You see I know down deep inside that that old cat
Never gave up on me

Repeat Chorus:

Writer: Brian Lee Robinson
©2013 JeJaJo Music (ASCAP)