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A Farmer’s Wife

Gordon Donaldson

March 03, 2018

Genre: Country

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About This Song

I wrote this song with Dan McGowan. Voice by Dan McGowan.

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A Farmer’s Wife

Written by Gordon Donaldson

verse 1
standing deep in the grass
listening to the sound of the wind
hiding from his past
wishing she was back home again

he had to find a way to carry on
distracting himself as he followed the sun
driving his tractor, ploughing the fields
Hoping his heartache would be concealed

She was a farmer’s wife
but she ran from the hills to find a better life
She was a farmer’s wife
Always running from the hills for the big city lights

verse 2
whispers and lies
were on the lips of the folks in town
but he knew the truth
about why she never came around

build 2
he told himself he was better off alone
the painful comments only sticks and stones
but the glares he got cut him to the core
nothing was the same anymore


every day on the farm he would dream
where the sun shined bright, and the fields were green
every now and then he thought he’d see her face
but she was gone forever and she’d never be replaced

verse 3
she was the city girl
he hoped that he could tame
but as it turned out
the only thing they shared was a name

build 3
she never gave her man any gratitude
only brought him down with her attitude
Looking out the window, never saying a word
She was secretly wishing for her big city world