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Brent Baxter

December 20, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

I wrote this Christmas song with the wonderful Lisa Shaffer.

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(Brent Baxter, Lisa Shaffer)

I hang up my stocking, play Jingle Bells
Peace on Earth and at peace with myself
But then I look out my window and my heart stops
‘Cuz there you are standing in my front yard

I just melt at your coal black eyes
You roll in
With your crooked smile and your heart of ice
But you’re not fooling me
You’ll be gone by Spring
It’s magic, but the kind that doesn’t last

I could let you in like I did last year
When you stayed a while but then you disappeared
True love is a fire, you can’t stand the heat
So you leave me with puddles of tears at my feet


You like the cold, you oughta love it out there
So I close the curtains, curl up in my chair
I find myself smiling in the warm firelight
With a hot cup of cocoa and no frostbite