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Sun Inside (Undeniable Fire)

Brent Baxter

November 14, 2017

Genre: Christian

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About This Song

Here's a female Christian pop song I wrote with Sam Mizell.

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Sun Inside (Undeniable Fire)

Written by Brent Baxter

(Brent Baxter, Sam Mizell)

What you got is limitless
Don’t you know it’s bigger than the ocean is
What you got is more than real
Than this universe spinning like a big wheel
Can’t be, can’t be contained
Don’t be, don’t be afraid
When the clock runs down
And the shadows come ‘round
Don’t let them put you out

Don’t you know, you got the sun inside
Shine it out to the world tonight
Take the light of His love
Light it up like a fire in the dark
In your heart
You’ve already got the sun inside
Don’t have to wait until the morning light
Time is just ticking away
So carry the flame
Show the world, show the world
That undeniable fire
Yeah, that undeniable fire

What you got is so contagious
Sing it out no matter where your stage is
Love’s melody, so powerful
It’s gonna draw them in by the crowd full
Can’t be, can’t be contained
So just give, just give it away
Oh, what love will start
From a single spark
Just open up your heart


It’s too beautiful to hide
A fire, so don’t be afraid to shine