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Shine On Your Parade

Brent Baxter

September 29, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

Written by Jason Wilkes and Brent Baxter.

27 Sounds (SESAC) / Cowboy Chords Music (ASCAP)

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Shine On Your Parade

Written by Brent Baxter

Lucky stool gets to hold ya
You’re leaning back on the back two legs
Like you got a four-leaf clover
And no worries on your shoulders
It’s weird ‘cuz I don’t know ya
But I feel like your party is partly mine
Your grin has got you glowin’
Like your rainy days are over

Girl, I wanna shine on your parade
Brighten up, yeah, brighten up your sunny day
Girl, I wanna top off what you’re drinking
Sweep you off, yeah, sweep you off your dancing feet
Take your cloud 9 right up to heaven
Crank your 10 right up to 11
Put an even bigger smile on your pretty face
Girl, I wanna shine on, shine on your parade

I can tell that you ain’t waitin’
For a guy to make your Friday night
Nah, your good time don’t need savin’
You got your hands up, swayin’
You’re making me love the song that’s playin’
Wanna walk up and say "What's your name?"
Tell me, girl, what’s the occasion?
Can I join your celebration?