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What Makes Us (Previously - Perceived Imperfections)

Sonya Dauth

August 15, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

Differences in a couple but what do they really mean. Lighthearted and Upbeat. Current. Mid/Up Tempo. (Please excuse the little stuff up in my singing of the lyrics)

Feedback Requested

What do you think this person feels about the other? Does it make you think of your own relationships past or present? Does it feel real? Do you feel the love for each other? Does it feel like a happy song or sad song? Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers

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What Makes Us (Previously -...

Written by Sonya Dauth

What Makes Us
Lyrics written by Sonya Dauth
17th July, 2017
15th August 2017 - Edited

You leave the toilet seat up
Sinks covered in my make up
Your work clothes sit on the floor
My stank eye's not nice for sure
Your proud side is so very strong
I don't wanna say I'm wrong

You like watchin’ Fam’ly Guy
I’m more into CSI
My car floor’s covered in trash
You walk round scratchin' your ……..

What makes us is the love we share
You hold me tight and show you care
We love deep and we’re best of friends
Won’t go to bed until our fight ends
We won’t ever lie or mistrust
Don’t you know this is what makes us

Your pizza, beer and a party
I’m a cuddle on the couch
You wanna teach me to dirty dance
Yeah we should give that a chance

What makes us is the love we show
You give me wings and help me to grow
You’re my bit of insanity
I’m your dose of maturity
You won’t let go and I’ll fight for us
Don’t you know this is what makes us

What makes us dif'rent it don’t mean squat
If we know this love’s worth every shot

CHORUS 1 Repeat

CHORUS 2 Repeat