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I’ve Got a Problem (lyric change idea)

Katie Fee

August 07, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

This is just a lyric post of the previous song with a different 1st verse and one line change in the chorus.

changed lyrics are notated by *** at the end of a line.

Feedback Requested

I came up with a 1st verse that matches better with the 2nd. The line I changed in the chorus I think might make the message more clear but it feels dull, if that makes sense. I just want opinions on which is better/what else can be altered.

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I’ve Got a Problem ...

Written by Katie Fee

I've got a problem
One with piercing blue eyes***
I've got a problem
No matter how hard I try***
To deny***
The way he makes me feel inside***

Oh I think I"m falling for him
And I'm terrified
'Cause he's my best friend and it just ain't right***
Cause I've been down this road before
And it never ends up well
Getting too close will only
Lead to crashing and burning
And being put through hell
Oh I've got a problem

I've got a problem
I shouldn't think like this
I've got a problem
Cause I shouldn't wanna kiss his lips
Shouldn't stare
When he's with another girl, I shouldn't care


I've got a problem
Cause I know how this ends
With crashing and burning
And losing a friend
Yeah I've got a problem


I've got a problem
I've got a problem