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How to post lyrics-only for review!

Brent Baxter

March 26, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

This is how YOU can post your lyrics for review! Right now, you are required to upload a track. Record yourself reading your lyric. This will give your readers/listeners an idea of the "bounce" of your lyric. Or just record, "This is lyric-only."

Feedback Requested

After you upload your audio, put "Lyrics Only" plus your song's title in the "Song Title" spot. This will let folks know what to expect. Then just fill out the description, feedback, and lyrics sections, and you'll be good to go. Thanks!

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How to post lyrics-only for...

Written by Brent Baxter

You're very welcome to post lyrics-only for review on Frettie!

Right now, you are required to upload an audio track to post on Frettie. Here's how you can get around that pesky "hey, I don't have an audio track yet!" thing.

1. Using Garageband, smartphone or other device/program, record yourself:
a) saying, "I'm posting lyrics-only for review. Thanks for your feedback!" (Or something like that.)
b) reading the lyric. This is the better option because it allows the reader/listener to get a feel for the "bounce" of your lyric. But, of course, it's up to you.

It's a good idea to add "Lyrics Only" to your song title. That way, the Frettie community knows what to expect.

I hope that helps!

God bless,