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Watch You Burn

Alec Biagiotti

February 22, 2017

Genre: Rock

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About This Song

This song is about dealing with the anger part of the 5 stages of grief and the confusion from an ended relationship. It's meant to feel raw, dark, unnerving, bitter, hurt, and confused.

Feedback Requested

Mix isn't the best, I wanted things to sound a little strained/pushed to the limits. would love to get any feedback on the song that you may have! My main concern is the level of songwriting and whether or not the song is demo submission worthy later this year.

Any constructive feedback would be awesome, thanks for listening!

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I just wait here
Wasting all my time
For something I can't discern

So i'll just wait here
And I won't make a sound
While I watch you burn

If you want to disappear on me I won't care
And I'll watch you burn into the ground
And if you wonder if needed would I be there
Well I'd watch you burn into the ground

I just waste here
Ticking like a time bomb
For something I didn't earn

And while I rot here
I won't shed a tear
When I watch you burn