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Trying To Forget

Ronnie Glenn

February 17, 2017

Genre: Country

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About This Song

This is an old 1999 recording of a song I never released. I think it has potential that's why I'm sharing it before I update the sound recording.

Feedback Requested

Lyrical it needs some work I know. The melody sounds dated and the recording is old. Is it worth a redo for an indie artist out there or should I just file it away for another 18 years?

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Trying To Forget

Written by Ronnie Glenn

Last night I was caught up in another lonely time
If I was bound in happiness I'd let myself unwind
But her memory keeps haunting me
And my vision's going to heck
Yeah I may be living but I'm TRYING TO FORGET

Today I thought it was over like a bad dream to score
Just tossing and turning came her memory back for more
When I hear her name I feel the pain
'Cause no shot has taken affect
Yeah I may be living but I'm TRYING TO FORGET

Now don't worry I'm doing alright
Can't you see it on my face
If I reckon for the last time
Thoughts of her I could erase
With every turn there's a lesson learned
And some are full of regret
Though I'm losing her, I'm TRYING TO FORGET




Even though I'm losing her, I'm TRYING TO FORGET

©1999 Ronnie Glenn