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Lee Myers

November 12, 2018

Lee Myers gave feedback on Today for Sure

Dori, Love your voice and the feel of this song. Here’s what I hear: First, it’s unclear whether singer and singer are face-to-face or whether they are apart. Once you settle on that, you can adjust the lyric accordingly. Second, your hook is a bit confusing. First appearance... Read More

November 12, 2018

Lee Myers gave feedback on Move On

Hi David, This song has a good theme: positive encouragement for a friend going through tough times. I think you have an opportunity to do something really cool with the song if you let the listener in on why you are singing to this person. Doing so, in my opinion,... Read More

November 08, 2018

Lee Myers gave feedback on Southern Man

Frank, What did work for me was your placement of the title as the last phrase in the chorus.  This appears to be in line with expectations of country music publishers. The rest of the song,however, needs to be revised. Specifically, the structure needs to be tightened up—... Read More

November 07, 2018

Lee Myers gave feedback on Soul Sister

Liked the song’s feel.  Did note, however, inconsistent use of pronouns ” she” and “you” throughout song.  May try “she’s a soul sister..” or “you’re a soul sister…” to see which works better.

November 07, 2018

Lee Myers gave feedback on US

Brad, I love the positivity of this song.  I particularly liked the second verse that begins “Mr. Circumstance…” This attention-getting verse is ear-catching and I had to smile after hearing it.  You might even consider using it as the opening verse and develop a new second verse. I... Read More