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Jack Speer

November 16, 2018

Jack Speer gave feedback on Two More Waiter

I understand it’s not about me, but rather we need to write for the listener (who seems to have have a more “rap/pop” taste).  I understand that songwriting is a business; that we need to write the type of music that sells to the masses.  BUT,... Read More

October 16, 2018

Jack Speer gave feedback on Better Memories

Marvin, I always enjoy your songs, but this one really speaks to me.  Maybe it’s our close proximity in age, but as I seem to be more reflective these days, I often ponder how those early years shaped my life.  And, inasmuch as I think back on... Read More

September 02, 2018

Jack Speer gave feedback on FUNERALS & BIRTHDAYS

Hi Frank, it is indeed the same musical track (good memory)!  I didn’t like the picture representing the song, so I pulled it down until I could slightly more organized with it.  I have made arrangements to have it produced, but I want to add a bridge... Read More

September 01, 2018

Jack Speer gave feedback on FUNERALS & BIRTHDAYS

Thank you, Bob!  Those are some especially kind words and so nice to hear, coming from a musician who plays the piano (jazz, no less) as well as you and comes from such a theory-based background!  FYI, I’ve got some serious computer issues, which have severely affected... Read More

August 14, 2018

Jack Speer gave feedback on God’s Little Half Acre

Marvin, listening to your songs is like taking a potion of medication from a tribal medicine man.  Because, regardless of how I felt before hearing one of your songs, I always feel better afterwards.