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Sandra Lyerly

July 31, 2018

Sandra Lyerly gave feedback on When You Hold My Hand

I agree with others, the chorus could stand to be different, more dramatic…perhaps just higher. The notes are already there and your voice is more than capable of making the changes! Beautiful!

July 18, 2018

Sandra Lyerly gave feedback on Today for Sure

Oh I like this! I like the melody changing in the middle of the song. Your voice is so powerful. Matches the intensity of the song lyrics. Great job!

April 06, 2018

Sandra Lyerly gave feedback on Hey little Girlie

Okay so I love musical theater. I wish I had the depth and breadth in my own songwriting to write enough songs that would result in an entire show one day. I like what you did here and I can totally imagine the scene in whatever show you wrote this... Read More

April 06, 2018

Sandra Lyerly gave feedback on Inside Your Love

This is a very special song that you both will all cherish forever. Such a beautiful thing to be able to express such emotion to your wife, not everyone is so lucky to have someone A) write a song about them B) have someone to sing them that song! With... Read More

April 05, 2018

Sandra Lyerly gave feedback on Say I’m Through

Very interesting. I would agree with Jayne’s review that it will be great to hear after production! Even with a simple drum track behind it, could fit into R&B easily and get an old school feel to it. Cool Harmonies!