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Chad Sellers

September 25, 2018

Chad Sellers gave feedback on See How You Are

Nice idea/hook and vocals! I really like ‘perfection in blue jeans.’ Good Job

September 24, 2018

Chad Sellers gave feedback on Summer 's Gone

Hey Frank, I really like the vibe and production on this! Cool idea. So her name is Summer, right? (I was getting a double meaning there). I don’t care for the “walking on cloud nine,” I think you can beat that. I like the “raising goose bumps” line. I... Read More

September 23, 2018

Chad Sellers gave feedback on Read Me

Hey Kris, I like this idea/hook! I think my favorite lines are in the sing over part in last chorus. “steal a line and pass it off as mine.” I’m mainly country, so I’d be looking at making the lyrics more original. although, I know pop is... Read More

July 17, 2018

Chad Sellers gave feedback on Today for Sure

Nice production and vocal. I’m not sure the interlude (Ooh parts?) add anything for me but I like the vocal in general. Nice job!

July 15, 2018

Chad Sellers gave feedback on Good By Me

Hey Carol, clever hook and nice production on the demo. the barely, ever, never, etc in the bridge was a bit much for me. But I don’t have a better suggestion…. Nice work.