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Brian Walstad

November 08, 2017

Brian Walstad gave feedback on Up

Hi Mikalyn > I enjoyed your song. I like how you went up on the chorus it caught my ear. Is that you singing Very nice job, Also I liked the imagery bubbles n’ balloons etc. B.

October 30, 2017

Brian Walstad gave feedback on Is That Her

Hi Brent > Cool song! great vocal.I like how it develops. Full of decscriptive lyrics. keeps you waiting for the next line in the story. In my humble opinion I’d say in the chorus instead: ” The one that’s closin’ your heart n’ temptin’ your soul “

October 23, 2017

Brian Walstad gave feedback on Like Juliet

Hi Linne > The universal theme connects. Everyone wants that perfect love to come along. Nice Flat top work, Lovely vocal.