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Amy Hill

August 03, 2017

Amy Hill gave feedback on Sunday Supper

This sounds like the good-time feeling songs of older country…which in my opinion we need more of. I like how the song makes it full circle and leaves you with a good feeling even though some tough things are going on in some parts. The only thing I would... Read More

August 01, 2017

Amy Hill gave feedback on When The Now Is Gone

I think you have an awesome voice for this style of music and I think that if you listened to Brent and tweaked the lyric or just how you sang it it would be great. But a lot of folk writers write that way where they break up thoughts.j... Read More

July 30, 2017

Amy Hill gave feedback on Ocean

Sorry for your loss. I only write lyrics right now but when I first started writing again I was in a bad place so a lot of my lyrics have the same emotion coming from them but in a way where it was me trying to fight my own demons... Read More