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Robert Lloyd

June 23, 2017

Robert Lloyd gave feedback on "I'M PICKING UP A GOD BAD HABIT"

Thanks Brent… and yes, this was a write, compose, record and then post to this site all in about 2 hours. And I wrote another great song in the morning so it was a good day with the music. My wife and I worked up another verse (it needed one as... Read More

June 22, 2017

Robert Lloyd gave feedback on That Special Sound

First of all Barry… just a wonderful soundtrack and vocalist! Wow. And you are ‘out there’ and certainly are a match for Broadway in some capacity. But I wish you lived in my neighborhood… I would always want to know of your newest project. The lyrics are a nice love... Read More

June 19, 2017

Robert Lloyd gave feedback on Fall Backwards

Hi Jayne: I will be the first to comment today it appears. First of all… you have a hit song here. The rhythm, the rhyming scheme, the story line, and a beautiful melody captured by a great overall production. And the hook line “backwards” is beautifully supported with the lyrics... Read More

June 19, 2017

Robert Lloyd gave feedback on 'AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE'

Thanks Brent for the feedback. I appreciate your picking up on the “big ‘ol mansion, or a tiny shack”. I always liked the phrase, and how true that the Lord doesn’t care about the size of our houses, but whether if He is welcome there or not. Maybe someday... Read More

June 14, 2017

Robert Lloyd gave feedback on Rock City Nights (Reworked)

PS: Ross, as I was listening again a second time through, you are up against men and women singing in different keys. Aha… the song’s key was good for the female but the male had to strain. It is a simple fix… (change keys) go into a lower key... Read More