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Brian Blevins

June 20, 2017

Brian Blevins gave feedback on Fall Backwards

i agree with Phil that these 2 lines are not quite right.  i know you want these lines to complement one another but IMO they do not.  When our trust was everything And our love was the only thing that mattered When our trust meant everything And our love... Read More

June 14, 2017

Brian Blevins gave feedback on List of Regrets (Re-write) Version 3

Hey Kris, Another cool song man.  I haven’t been following along so I do not know how this song has evolved and am too lazy to go through them.  I would suggest changing Bridge by removing ‘not to do’ the items that are on the list. ... Read More

June 14, 2017

Brian Blevins gave feedback on Out Of This World (Rewrite)

Hey Kris I really like the song.  I think the it starts off great and the energy does not lessen or fall of. the only line i am not sure i get is Can our galaxies start colliding?  when i read the opening lines, my first thought was... Read More

June 04, 2017

Brian Blevins gave feedback on Five-String

hi brent.  i have not listened yet so these comments on lyrics only.  i thought the same thing as Phil about the 5-string.  nothing strange or wrong about them cuz I think Banjo when I hear 5-string. But I did know ahead of time based on the... Read More

June 02, 2017

Brian Blevins gave feedback on The Lighthouse Keeper

hi jackson, i think the lyrics are interesting.  very poetic.  if you are trying to write a song or songs that make people think or use their brain then i believe you have accomplished that goal here.  it does seem to me though that the demo company... Read More