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Richard Kirk

May 24, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on 'CAUSE I SAID SO

Hi Jack,  I like the sentiment of this song and what you did with the second verse.  but having said that, I’m not sure that the analogy of an earthly parent is necessarily equivalent to the heavenly father, so to speak.  At least for me thats... Read More

May 11, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Beyond Broken Dreams

gosh, frank, so much to like about this. well set up and I like the imagery, etc.  And the positive ending I was expecting an experienced writer as yourself to do.  My only small concern, is the title itself. Having the word Beyond in it. It works for... Read More

April 26, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Cross Your Heart

Hey Marvin.  Always enjoy listening to your stuff, so well set up and thought out. Just wondering if tenses are a little confusing in a couple places. Song is in the present tense mostly,” He loves”, etc. then in BR you have he’d started” instead of maybe He’... Read More

April 21, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Fall In Love Again

HiSteve,  I echo what’s been said here, I believe the thought and purpose of the song is definitely worth writing and tweaking. Beginning four lines are very strong and set the tone.  I too noticed the rhyme problem in first verse, but I always feel the meaning... Read More

March 03, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Skipping Stones

hi, overall I like the concept. good action words and descriptions. In v. 1 the rhyming of away with way bothers me some.too similar. In CH the first two lines are a little confusing to me, I know what your’e saying just a little awkward. Second v does exactly... Read More