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Richard Kirk

October 08, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Summer 's Gone

Frank: As always, so much to like about your efforts. I agree that Cloud Nine is not real strong, on the other hand there are some great images, love the first verse but the second verse confuses me a little as the CH says it’s morning and then it’... Read More

September 11, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Livin' It Up On My Way Down

Marvin, Glad to hear someone’s still writing this stuff, and doing it well , I might add.  Fits right in the pocket of this genre. RK

August 29, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on He Knows it All

Love this one,  especially The “he’s waiting to dry your eyes” So well stated.  I will say that though Im not much in this genre, it does remind me a lot of Alison Krauss version of “When You Say NOthing at All” ..  Same feel maybe similar... Read More

July 14, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on Picture

hi stephen.  So much feeling and passion here, great job! My only other comments would be maybe it could be shortened a little, maybe make the second verse half as long. I should say I am in Nashville and write mostly folk pop country, so that affects what how... Read More

May 24, 2018

Richard Kirk gave feedback on 'CAUSE I SAID SO

Hi Jack,  I like the sentiment of this song and what you did with the second verse.  but having said that, I’m not sure that the analogy of an earthly parent is necessarily equivalent to the heavenly father, so to speak.  At least for me thats... Read More