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May 18, 2017

Sean Kasey gave feedback on Picture in a Drawer

Brian - thanks for listening and for taking the time to leave some feedback.  I’m not sure “empowered” is really what I was going for here - as I was trying to explain in my reply to some of the other comments.  Maybe I just didn’t... Read More

May 18, 2017

Sean Kasey gave feedback on Back To Quittin You

Thanks for listening, Brian!  You’re probably right about the bridge and that’s certainly something I’ll consider.  I had a couple co-writers on this one and it’s probably pretty set in stone (at least for now) but who knows, I may come back and try... Read More

May 18, 2017

Sean Kasey gave feedback on I Don't Listen To The Radio

Hey Pete, There’s something about this song that has a very “old” feel but in a good, melancholy, nostalgic way (if that makes any sense) and your playing and singing actually fit perfectly with it.  (I don’t think you’re as bad as you think you are).... Read More

May 16, 2017

Sean Kasey gave feedback on Walk On By

Hey Bill, I really like this song.  I dig the sound (very old school southern rock) and the demo singer is amazing!  The subject is relatable too. Couple thoughts lyrically:  The chorus feels like you are talking directly to someone - telling them to just walk on... Read More

May 09, 2017

Sean Kasey gave feedback on Cadillac

Hey James - this is a cool song!  I like the feel a lot and totally dig the hearse/Cadillac idea.  I feel like I’d want the chorus to lift a little more.  It has a really cool, slow build kinda feel to it but for... Read More