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Hundreds of songwriters use Frettie every day to share their music and connect with other songwriters from around the globe. Frettie is a valuable songwriting community made up of students, professionals and hit songwriters who are all eager to learn, discover, give feedback and connect with each other!

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1. Refine your music.

Are you working on a new song? Get feedback on it from other songwriters from across the world. It's easy to upload and post your music to Frettie. You can even add your lyrics and tell a songwriter the type of feedback you're looking for.

2. Stay inspired.

Never write alone on Frettie. Frettie helps you avoid the "throw away song" and connects you with hundreds of taltented songwriters. From students to hit songwriters, Frettie will help you discover fresh ideas and stay motivated as a songwriter.

3. Help other songwriters.

Don't just ask for feedback. Give feedback. Frettie encourages constructive feedback and collaboration within the community. The more you participate and engage, the more songwriters will see you as a mentor, and valueable resource to their songwriting process.

4. Build connections and co-write.

Further engage with your existing connections, or expand your songwriting network outside of your city. When you join Frettie you gain access to a global network of songwriters who are available for co-writers and help you write great music as you grow as a songwriter.

5. Learn from hit songwriters.

Do you have a song that you would love to get professional feedback on? Beyond community feedback, you can now leanr and receive valueable one-to-one feedback from hit songwriters.

6. Take control over your career.

Frettie is an extension to your songwriting process. It’s an online community that’s full of great features to help you showcase your talents, stay organized, connect and educated as you grow as a songwriter.

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Here's how Frettie has helped other songwriters.

I wish there’d been a Frettie when I was starting out! Frettie isn't spammy. It isn't about people just yelling "look at me!”. Folks are willing to share their feedback. Outside perspectives are and connections are really valuable as we grow as songwriters and Frettie makes that possible.

Brent Baxter, Hit Songwriter

Nashville, Tennessee

Frettie’s a great place for writers to share ideas and concepts. I often use singers in Nashville on songs where the vocals were written here in the UK. Dropbox and Frettie helps close the gap on global songwriting.

Ross Hemsworth

Wells, Somerset

Frettie is an easy and non-threatening way to get feedback on my music. It's fun that songwriters can post work-tapes or finished projects. The feedback that I receive is from those who also care about the muse, the songs and the process.

Jayne Sachs

Dayton, Ohio

Frettie opened up my world of song critiques from just me and my songwriting buddies from Knoxville to all songwriters from every corner of the planet! Frettie is there 24/7 and people are always helpful.

Charlie Katt

Knoxville, Tennessee

Frettie is a great community where I can share my music and be myself, while receiving helpful feedback from other talented members. Frettie also makes it possible to stay connected to a songwriting community no matter where I am.

Anthony Mossburg

Columbus, Ohio

Frettie just keeps getting better and better. I joined because I'm into the feedback process for songwriters. Frettie made that process even better, by expanding my feedback base to the world. Because of Frettie, the potential for songwriters is huge!

Dick Plunk

Powell, Ohio

Because of the feedback that I received from the Frettie community on one of my songs, I started to think about the song in a different way. I entered it into a global competition and placed. I probably would have not entered it otherwise.

Sarah Spencer

Nashville, Tennessee

Frettie is a great tool for the songwriting community. Being able to get feedback on my writing is huge to me. Frettie also gives me a chance to connect with others and stay inspired.

Emma Lane

Rochester, New York

You've wonderfully crafted about the safest, most constructive community for songwriters possible. It works for all skill levels. It encourages camaraderie. It allows for networking. It's just solid!

Jon Morgan

Lancaster, Ohio

Frettie gives me the potential for cross-culture collaboration. A songwriter in Columbus, Ohio collaborating with a songwriter in New Dehli is something truly unique to the global songwriting community.

Joey Hendrickson

Columbus, Ohio

I think Frettie is a great resource for the songwriting community. Frettie is providing songwriters with a great opportunity to collaborate and get feedback from others.

Amanda Williams, Hit Songwriter

Nashville, Tennessee

Getting feedback on my work is so invaluable. Nothing's better than hearing whether or not I'm on the right track or not. Frettie is an incredible place to mentor and be mentored. It's also a great way to come together in collaboration.

Caryn Womack

Atlanta, Georgia

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