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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Frettie invite-only?

By having members take responsibility for each other, it strengthens the trust of the community and keeps the integrity of Frettie to the highest standard possible. This approach also allows us to continue to build features and support a product that we know is targeted toward professional or aspiring professional songwriters only. Beyond quality control, this modal also allows us to scale Frettie in a more strategic way in order to continue to offer Frettie to our members for free.

How do I receive an Invite?

If we are accepting new members, you can receive in an invite by either requesting one from us, or we will issue invites to existing members to allow them to invite new members to the community. Anyone can listen to tracks and get inspired, but you will need an invite in order to post your tracks, connect and provide feedback to other members on Frettie.

If you're searching for an Invite, be sure to check on Twitter, or ask around your local songwriting circle. Members can also notify us of someone who they think would make a great addition to Frettie. Stay connected with the community, because there's a good chance you may find a few invites floating around.

What if I already have an invite?

Congratulations, if you already have an invite, just sign-up and start adding your tracks today.

What is an acceptable track?

Frettie accepts the following audio formats: .mp4, .m4a, .mp3, .ogg, .aac, .mp2. Our file size limit is 8 megabytes. You can use programs such as Quicktime Player, Garage Band, Mpeg Streamclip, Media.io to convert and/or compress your file. Frettie welcomes and encourages un-edited tracks. Remember this is a community for sharing your songs in progress to get feedback, so don't worry to much about the polish.

It goes without saying that all tracks that you uploaded to Frettie must be original creations and appropriate. By posting a track to Frettie, you are stating that you own the track and that you are the original creator. We don't want to state the obvious, but please respect other users intellectual property.

If you discover any content that infringes on copyright or is inappropriate, we encourage all users to report it immediately. If you are caught posting inappropriate content, you may be removed from Frettie per our terms.

What is an acceptable member?

Although we would love to be able to invite everyone who has an idea for a song onto Frettie, we simply feel that we would be doing a disservice to the community. The best members for Frettie are members who are either seriously pursuing songwriting as a profession, or someone who is already a professional in the industry. We want to provide the most value possible to songwriters, so by focussing on the professional, we feel they already understand the process, and can provide not only quality feedback to others, but will feel a part of a trusted network of like-minded songwriters.

What is expected from our members?

We want everyone to find value on Frettie, so we do have some rules and tips that we encourage all of our users to be aware of. Some of these are pretty self explanatory, but others may not be. Feel free to read up on them, and most of all have fun!

• Don't post tracks that are not yours.
• Don't post inappropriate tracks on Frettie.
• Don't use Frettie to spam or directly market yourself to others.
• If you collaborated on a track, give credit where credit it due.
• Don't be mean, be constructive.

• Fill our your profiles completely.
• Explain your track in as much detail as you can.
• Attach and image to your track with Instagram to give more context.
• Ask for specific feedback from others.
• Don't worry so much about the quality of your track. Have an idea? Post it.
• Explore other songwriters and their tracks.

Can I use your logos?

Absolutely! If you would like to reference Frettie on your website, or write about Frettie in your blog, feel free to download our press pack. The zip file will include logos and screenshots for you to use.

What browsers do you support?

Currently Frettie supports all modern browsers. For track uploading we are utilizing a third-party service, so track uploading is limited to their supported browsers. For the best experience we recommend using Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.