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You Win By Adding Value

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter, Pro Songwriter on October 18, 2017

You win by adding value.

Opportunities come to those who add value. For example, I brought the idea of “Caribou Barbie” (a Ray Stevens cut) to Matt Cline and Max T. Barnes because they added value by being in Ray’s camp and because they write that kind of song very well. The value I brought was a title that Ray himself told me I should write.

Lisa Shaffer and Bill Whyte brought the title and idea of “Crickets” (a Joe Nichols cut) to me because they thought my lyrical sensibilities would make the song better.

Artists bring the value of having a record deal. Published writers bring the value of experience and a team of songpluggers. What’s your value? Great hooks? Do you do your own demos, saving costs to your cowriters? Do you have artist potential? Great melodies? What can you do to add value? If you identify it, you can sell yourself on it.

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