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The Links Between You And A Cut

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter on June 07, 2017

I think of getting a song cut as a chain- I’m on one end and the cut is on the other. Each link in the chain is someone who has to say “yes” to the song and pass it along down the chain. However, each link is also a person who might say “no” and break the chain. The longer the chain, the greater the chance somebody will say “no.” If the chain is broken, you have to find a different link to pass along your song. It's kind of like a board game where you have to go back a couple of spaces.

Therefore, it’s worth taking time to build the relationships which make your chain shorter. This is one of the reasons it’s valuable to write with the artist or the producer- it really shortens the chain. Cut out as many links in your "cut-chains" as possible!

God bless and keep writing,


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