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The Danger Of Songwriting “Shambition”

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter, Pro Songwriter on May 23, 2018

– noun. “When you talk like you have songwriting ambition, but you work like you couldn’t care less.”

It’s time to take a hard look in the mirror.

Statements of ambition are all over social media. Writers and artists talk about hustle. They talk about grind. They talk about chasing the dream. They share quotes over pictures of lions. But then they sit down and binge watch Netflix. That’s not ambition. That’s shambition.

It’s easier to CATCH the newest season of your favorite show than it is to CHASE your dreams. But it sure isn't as productive.

It’s time for your reality check. Are you writing checks with your mouth (or your Instagram) that your work ethic can’t cash? Is your hustle as big as your dreams? If it isn't, your dreams probably are NOT going to come true.

Are you happy just playing the part of struggling songwriter or a songwriter “on the rise?” Is the illusion more comfortable than the grind it takes to make real progress? Do you like it when people say you’re so brave for chasing your dreams… but you’re secretly too scared to pick up the phone and call a publisher?

Right now, there’s a certain amount of comfort in struggle. Some people will admire you for your big dreams and for not giving up.

Maybe you’re a little TOO comfortable with the struggle.

Struggle might just be your comfort zone. After all, right now you have a psychological escape hatch:

“If I never REALLY try, I never REALLY fail.”

But is that who you want to be? Fear and comfort are your enemies. Don’t let either one have too much space in your life.

So… are you guilty of “shambition?” Are you talking the talk but not walking the walk? When was the last time you finished a song? Or played a new song for somebody? Or contacted a publisher or a potential cowriter? When was the last time you took a step out of your comfort zone?

I’m not saying you’re a fraud if you don’t quit your job tomorrow, pack up the car and move to Nashville, New York or LA. I’m not saying it’s time to carpet bomb Music Row with your demo. But I bet it’s time for you to do something you’ve been putting off.

Replace #Hustle with REAL hustle.

Not sure what your next step is? Well, maybe it’s time to let a music industry pro hear your songs. Maybe your songs are ready. Or maybe you’re just ready to step out and take a chance. If that sounds like you, I have a cool opportunity coming up.

On June 19, I'm hosting Songwriting Pro's quarterly "Play For A Publisher" event with hit music publisher, Tim Hunze of Parallel Music in Nashville, TN. Tim has worked with several #1 hit songwriters, and he's landed many, many songs with major artists. This is YOUR opportunity to connect face-to-face with a hit music publisher and have him hear YOUR song! And since it's an online event, it doesn't matter where in the world you live. But the deadline to enter your song is May 31.


Hunze P4P

God bless,


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