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Songwriting Truth Beats Real Life Facts

Tips & Resources by BRENT BAXTER on October 25, 2017

Remember, if you’re writing to get cuts, your songs aren’t about you. Your songs are about the artist and the listener. You might write a song inspired by a true story from your life, but don’t be so determined to keep ALL the facts true or accurate that it makes your song confusing, complicated, or boring to the outside listener. After all, real life is messy, and it doesn’t always fit neatly into a 3-minute song. Sometimes it does, and that’s great. But a lot of times, it just doesn’t.

What matters is the emotional truth- the feeling you want the listener to feel. The listener doesn’t care about you (heck, they probably think the artist wrote the song anyway). The listener cares about connecting to the song.

If you want to write the song (or an alternate version of the song) for yourself, that’s great. It’s a worthy thing to do. But if you want cuts, it’s to your advantage to give the truth a higher priority than the facts. It’s about communicating emotional truth, not facts.

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