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Songwriting Success: Put It On Layaway

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter, Pro Songwriter on November 29, 2017

Remember the days when people largely believed in paying for something BEFORE they walked out of the store with it? A lot of stores like Wal-Mart and Sears used to offer something called layaway.

Back when I was a kid, it worked like this: My mom would pick out a big item like a bike for Christmas or something and “put it on layaway.” The nice folks at Wal-Mart would put it in the back with Mom’s name on it. She would come in periodically and give them some money toward the bike. When she finally paid off the whole thing, she could take the bike home to me. Merry Christmas!

Funny as it sounds, success is a lot like buying something on layaway.

We pick out our “bike” - our desired success. But just choosing your success doesn’t mean you get to leave the store with it. You still have to pay for it BEFORE you can take that success home. Your success, whatever it might be, goes behind the counter. How soon you get to actually OWN that success largely depends on how often and how much you put down on it.

You can have an awesome goal in mind, but if you never come back to the store and put payment toward it, you’ll never get it.

Even little successes never happen if you forget about them.

You put your payments toward your success with your time, your energy, your effort, and you wise decisions.

There is no credit card for success. You have to pay for it before you get it.

God bless,


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