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Songwriting Success: D.R.I.P. by D.R.I.P.

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter, Pro Songwriter on July 25, 2018

Success is not an overnight explosion- regardless of how an “overnight success” might be viewed by others.  No, success is usually more like water wearing away a stone, drip by drip.  It’s little things making a big difference over time.

So let’s look at the D.R.I.P. method of success:

D - Discipline

Discipline is doing the difficult things, things which require discipline in the first place. It’s getting up early to write.  Or skipping your Netflix time to work on some new chord progressions.  It’s making that uncertain phonecall.

R - Repetition

It’s the repetition of doing the right things consistently- not just once or sporadically.  It’s doing the right things over and over again, day after day, month after month, and year after year. It's consistently sitting down to write, to make connections in the music business, to work on your craft.

I - Integrity

Being dishonest or dishonorable might win in the short term (sometimes).  But the music business is a relationship business, and word will get around.  If you don’t have integrity- if people don’t feel they can trust you, you will become isolated, and you won’t have those important strong relationships. And nobody becomes successful alone. We all need relationships. And a lack of integrity kills relationships.

P - Purpose

Purpose is two-fold.  First, you need to know why you’re running this music-business-marathon.  If you don’t have a strong sense of purpose, it’s very easy to quit.  Secondly, you must act with purpose.  Keeping your purpose (goals, etc.) in mind helps you figure out what the important tasks are- the tasks which require disciple, repetition, and integrity. Without purpose, you're like an octopus on roller skates- there's a ton of activity, but you're not going anywhere.

What about you? Are you consistently investing in your craft, in making relationships, and moving toward your musical goals? If you haven't been, or if you're ready for that next step, I have a great opportunity coming up.

On August 14, I'm hosting a "Know The Row" event with Scot Sherrod of Rare Spark Media. This is your chance to hang out online and ask YOUR questions to a real hit music publisher.  Scot has had his hand in several hit country songs and film/tv placements, and his current roster includes rising country star, Walker Hayes ("You Broke Up With Me" and "Craig.")

This is YOUR chance to sit down face-to-face (online) with a real-deal music publisher, and I hope you won't let it slip away.

Here's the deal.  You can join us online from anywhere in the world on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from 7pm-8pm Central time.  And "Know The Row" events are FREE to members of!  (But don't worry- a small number of tickets have been made available in case you don't want to take advantage of all of Frettie's membership benefits.)


Sherrod KtR Poster

God bless,


Request your invite to Frettie.
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