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All, Announcements, Product Updates by The Frettie Team on January 15, 2016

Part of what makes Frettie so great is that it’s the perfect platform to share your song ideas with others for validation and feedback. Frettie makes it easy for you to share a song in progress, refine or rewrite it and then share it again for more feedback from the community or industry pros. That's been awesome, but we figured why stop there? We think that one of the ultimate forms of feedback, is whether someone will actually purchase the song or not, so we built a quick way for you all to test that.

Now, whenever you post a song on Frettie, you have the option to include a "Purchase link/URL” for that song and add a price. Once you add a link and a price a “Buy” button is then added to that song for anyone to purchase it. If someone clicks that button, they’re taken right to the source to purchase that song. A purchase link could be any link from iTunes, CD Baby, Paypal, Gumroad (our preferred) or wherever else you may be selling your music. Since no transactions are happening on Frettie, we take nothing from you. You’ll get 100% of the sale from our end. However, it’s important to note that you are still subject to any fees from any other service that you may be selling your music through.

Julie and I feel not only is this the ideal next step for getting feedback, but selfishly, it also finally gives us a way to purchase some of the great music that you all are posting to Frettie. Plus, there’s the added bonus of the community helping each-other fund their careers. And there's more.. this feature is not just limited to the community. If you share your Frettie song detail page with your fans or anyone else, they too can purchase the song though Frettie. This is a great way of maybe selling a song that may not be ready for mass distribution on iTunes etc., but does fit the Frettie mold of sharing and selling the music you’re creating as you’re creating it.

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We think you'll really enjoy this new feature and we welcome any feedback. Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing what you begin selling on Frettie!

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