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Introducing Frettie!

All, Announcements by The Frettie Team on June 03, 2013

We are excited to announce that Frettie is now live! Frettie is not another music sharing service, nor another promotion engine for bands and artists. It was created with the mission to provide songwriters with inspiration, feedback and resources as they strive to prefect their craft and get noticed. Frettie is a tiny bootstrapped company out of Columbus, Ohio and was created by a co-founders passion for songwriting, and inspired by the process and stories behind creating music.

Until today, songwriters have been forced to keep the songwriting process to themselves, or within their songwriting circles. Services like YouTube, SoundCloud and Reverberation are great for sharing your final tracks with fans and professionals in the industry, but are not a great fit for the collaborative process of wiring music. This is exactly where Frettie fits. Everyone on Frettie is a songwriter and understands. When you post a track to Frettie, it is with the intent to get feedback and help from the community to perfect it. No need to worry about editing and production. Comments and feedback are always constructive.

Frettie is currently an invite only. By creating an invite only model, we can ensure that the quality of the community stays at the highest standard possible as well as perfect the product with a single audience in mind. If you are a songwriter interested in posting music to Frettie, you are more then welcome to request an invite.

Thanks to everyone who has provided early feedback and support for Frettie. We are really excited to continue to build features, and tools that focus on helping other songwriters create their music.

We hope you enjoy Frettie!

Request your invite to Frettie.
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