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Frettie + SongTopic

All, Announcements, Tips & Resources by The Frettie Team on February 01, 2014

Wouldn't it be great if you were provided an endless stream of song topics to write about? Well, let us introduce you to

In their words; "SongTopic is an email based songwriting community that challenges songwriters to respond to prompts each week. Our goal is two-fold. Encourage regularity to your craft because we've learned from hit writers that it's not inspiration but perspiration that leads to success. Secondly, we aim to build a community that will be poised to write for artists, labels, music supervisors, film directors, and others in need of specific topics to be used on albums, in movies, and on TV."

SongTopic is just now getting off the ground, and we want to help them. So for the whole month of February we are partnering with SongTopic for what we are calling Frettie February.

If you sign-up for their weekly song prompt at, they will begin emailing you every week with a songwriting prompt. As a Frettie songwriter, if you submit any song that you wrote using one of their prompts, before the end of February you are enrolled in the chance to win the title of "SongTopic's Top Pick of February". The winning song will get fully produced through SongTopic at no charge to the songwriter.

You can submit your song through with (Frettie February) in the title, or tweet your song from with a hashtag #FrettieFebruary to enter.

We think SongTopic is a really cool tool to have in addition to Frettie. Get your song prompts from SongTopic and then perfect it on Frettie. How cool is that?

So go on. Check it out and good luck with your submissions.

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