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Do you keep a Hook Book? You should!

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter, Pro Songwriter on December 06, 2017

I keep a hook book. It’s where all of my song ideas go. It’s a literal notebook I keep in my desk or carry around with me. There’s also a running list in a file on my computer. I’ve had it for years, and many of my cuts started out as a line in that hook book. Some of them sat around for a few years before I wrote them.

You probably need to keep a hook book, too.

Don’t just HOPE to remember your best ideas. Some titles might not even make sense right now, but they could in a few years when a new artist comes along, trends change, or you have new life experiences to bring to that title.

That’s why ALL my titles and ideas go in my hook book- even the “bad” ones.

I don’t do quality control when determining what titles/ideas to put in my hook book. Everything goes in. I keep my quality control focused on what I decide to write OUT of that book. But no idea is too stupid, dated, uncommercial, or whatever to go into the book.

Remember, it’s YOUR hook book. Nobody else has to see it, so you don’t won’t be embarrassed by what’s in it. Be bold, be fearless, be silly, be... a writer!

God bless,


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