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Busy is lazy

Tips & Resources by Brent Baxter on May 17, 2017

Too many times, our busy-ness is really just laziness. We keep ourselves busy with organizing our writers room, checking email, or checking out an artist’s new record. And none of these are bad things- but neither are they usually the BEST thing.

To many times, these activities are just a way to avoid the important things. And why do we avoid the important things? Usually, it’s because they’re difficult, unpleasant, or scary.

Staring at a blank page is hard- staring at a full email inbox is easy, and we fool ourselves into thinking we’re being productive. But we aren’t. We’re just scared and lazy. Or sometimes it’s easier to work on a song than to make those uncertain phone calls that might land that big cowrite.

So put on your big-boy or big-girl pants and do what you know is the important thing- not the lazy thing.

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