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An early review of Spencer Saylor and Chris Jamison’s single 24-7

All, Announcements by The Frettie Team on November 06, 2013

We here at Frettie were lucky enough to get our hands on the upcoming single “24-7" by Spencer Saylor and Chris Jamison. "24-7”. When we first hit play on ”24-7" we must confess, our immediate reaction was is this really a Spencer Saylor and Chris Jamison song? It’s so different than their other songs. As we continued to listen to the song, we immediately found ourselves drawn into it. By drawn into, we mean hooked.

Right from the beginning, ”24-7" is full of great moments. Chris immediately leads off with a soft, yet engaging chorus. It captures the feeling of a ballad, but still leaves the song open to the listener’s interpretation. The intro is then quickly contrasted with a hard-hitting, percussion filled, first verse sung by Spencer. It is well crafted and timed perfectly. That’s what hooked us.

As you fall back into the chorus the tempo of the song is established and you are now fully immersed into the lyrics and beauty of ”24-7”. The second verse and chorus showcase Spencer and Chris’s great ability to collaborate with each other. The lyrics and harmonies of ”24-7" are perfect. As the song winds down you are left with Chris showcasing his vocal abilities in a way that urges you to hit the replay button. And we were happy to do so.

“24-7" is the complete package. It’s full of great percussion from Matthiessen Nisch Quan and the chemistry from Spencer and Chris that has been captivating live audiences for years has been captured perfectly in this recording.

After listening to the song a few more times we realized, yes, this is not just another Spencer Saylor and Chris Jamison song, but a more sophisticated Spencer Saylor and Chris Jamison song.

“24-7" is set to hit iTunes on November 15th. Visit to learn more about the release, and where you can catch them live.

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